What is Vega testing?

The Vega system of testing was developed in the 1970s by renowned German physician, Dr Helmut Schimmel MD, based on the earlier work of Dr Reinholdt Voll MD, who discovered in the 1900s that each acupuncture point carries an electrical charge that was related to pathology and could be measured.  Voll developed the Vega machine as a type of electroacupuncture device in order to diagnose allergies and other illnesses in the body.

The Vega test is simple and non-invasive and therefore safe for both children and pregnant clients. It usually uses the side of a finger as a contact point or a saliva sample in order to measure varied substances in the circuit to find out what is going on within the body.

How does it work?

The Vega system is based on electroaccupuncture, or bio-resonance principles that every living substance, living or otherwise, possesses a unique, measurable energetic frequency.

The Vega machine works by emitting frequencies that represent certain substances, then records your body’s stress responses to each of these frequencies. There are over 50,000 frequencies stored in the Vega database that relate to different body stressors.

Readings on the machine that fall outside established parameters will indicate any particular substance that may be creating stress, and possibly a cause for any symptoms or health issues you may be currently experiencing.