Yoghurt Recipe

Yogurt making is so simple.  Follow the steps and ferment forever! 



  1.  Buy an EasiYo container from Big W or K-Mart, or use a thermos.

  2. Purchase the best milk, you can afford. Organic and non homogenised and non pasturised is best.

  3. Heat a litre of milk to below boiling point, cool down to around 40degrees (in cool water)

  4. Add culture- from a good source of yogurt- about 2 dessert spoons

  5. I have found that adding 1 dessert spoon of full cream powdered milk helps the end result.

  6. Place in thermos or EasiYo

  7. Ferment in a warm place for 24 hours. Fermentation will continue while out of the fridge and will slow down once in the fridge

  8. You can separate curds and whey, using cheesecloth or Chux. The whey is the protein component and can be added to smoothies and soups, and the curds makes a great cottage cheese. Experiment by substituting the milk with cream to make crème fraiche, or use coconut or sweet almond milk.  

  9. Enjoy and incorporate into your diet!