“Healthy mama, happy baby”

“Mamatoto” means “mother baby” and describes mother and baby as one. What affects one, also affects the other.

Welcome to the Mamatoto Natural Fertility Program. A two phase program devised to support your journey to conception and then through pregnancy. Every woman or couple wanting a baby will benefit from the Mamatoto Natural Fertility Program. Conception, pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and beyond are all optimised when you follow this holistic approach to fertility and pregnancy.

One in six couples has fertility issues – you are not on your own – and help is here!

Before you make the financial and emotional investment in IVF and other reproductive technologies (ARTs), invest four months in Phase One, designed to prepare your body for a healthy, natural conception. Following conception, Phase Two focuses on optimising the health of you and your baby using the best of evidenced-based, nutritional medicine along with holistic naturopathic care.